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Rich Food Choices From Stonyfield

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This is a sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield, including awesome samples of the company’s newest products!  Can’t wait to tell you about them!  

Who else has kids who pick food based on the fun factor?  You know what I mean — the gimmicky, silly, fun things that attract them at the grocery store?  Just the other day my youngest asked why a superhero’s picture was on a package of some kind of junk food.  I tried to be low-key when answering, “you know, honey, that’s just marketing, when the superhero picture makes people want to buy something.”  She seemed satisfied and thankfully did not beg me to buy the junk food, that time.

Stonyfield whole milk

My kids had also noticed that some other brand of yogurt had a fun-looking package that contained a mix-in ingredient of some sort.  The questions about that went on for a while, until thankfully Stonyfield came through with a fun-packaged mix-in version of its own.  Lately, the kids have been enjoying mixing in their own strawberry, blueberry or cherry goodness into Whole Milk Organic Greek yogurt.  They think the split cup container is fun.  I appreciate that the Greek yogurt provides a high protein, lower sugar option with six live active cultures for a probiotic boost.

Another new product I’m looking forward to is Stonyfield’s line of 100% grassfed yogurts.  Grassfed dairy cows are able to deliver an optimal balance of Omega 3 fatty acids essential for good health.  I recently learned more about the benefits of grassfed dairy from founder Tim Joseph of Maple Hill Creamery in upstate New York, the dairy supplier for Stonyfield’s grassfed products.  Joseph is enthusiastic about the movement for cows to graze on grass in well-managed paddocks and to munch on high quality grass balage through the winter, so these ruminents can create the best possible milk product.  While all organic dairy must be at least 30% grassfed, and a grassfed claim on product packaging can mean a minimum of 30%, this new line is for those who want 100% grassfed products.


Medical doctor Drew Ramsey is another grassfed dairy and yogurt enthusiast.  He recently talked to a group of Stonyfield bloggers about the key nutrients needed for good brain health — and how yogurt is a great source for those nutrients.  Ramsey gave these tips for optimizing our diets:

  1. Get more from plants! (by mixing them with optimal fat sources)
  2. Seek out brain essential nutrients.
  3. Graze on grassfed organic dairy, eggs and meats.
  4. Brain health depends on gut health.
  5. Spice it up!

Ramsey suggests that, per recent nutritional studies, Americans could more likely avoid mood problems like anxiety and depression if we were all sure to get the recommended daily allowance of nutrients we need for overall health, including things like those Omega 3 fatty acids needed for brain health.  While he notes that seafood is a primary source for Omega 3s, pastured dairy can also be a great way to get the needed nutrients in your diet.

We’re all looking for nutritionally rich, ideal food choices for our families, aren’t we? It’s great peace of mind to know quality ingredients, including grassfed dairy goodness, are going into products like Stonyfield’s yogurts.  Plus, for those times when the kids just want something fun like the mix-in they can squeeze from one size of the yogurt cup to the other — Stonyfield’s got you covered. is proud to be part of the Stonyfield Blogger network.


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