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Family Fitness Fun for Busy Kids & Tired Parents

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This is a sponsored post in cooperation with National Fitness Center, where I appreciate being part of the #teamNFC program.

Ever notice how your energy level works on a continuum, with the gradual decrease in energy happening when you are more sedentary, yet more energy when you get moving again?  I’ve noticed how much I miss a workout if I go more than two or three days without visiting National Fitness Center.  It makes a noticeable difference in how well I feel and how efficiently I perform day-to-day work.  When I’m moving more, I just feel better!

Sometimes I go by myself.  Other times, the kids take me along with them for rock climbing, basketball or swimming.  Yet other times, we do our own thing:  a weightlifting class for me while they get moving with Kids in Motion classes.

I still can’t climb as high as my youngest daughter can on the rock wall.  Nor can I swim as well as my kids who’ve trained for swim meets with the NFC Sharks.  I still win at hoops, occasionally making a basket while burning a few calories on the court.

rock climb 2

According to the national Let’s Move program, kids should be active for an hour a day, at least five days per week.  Adults need at least half that time in physical activity.

According to the folks who figure up how we burn calories, rock climbing could burn more than 700 calories in an hour.  So could a basketball game. Water aerobics, 450 calories, with walking burning at least 250 calories.  One way or another, it all adds up for me.  Either get-fit calorie burning with a burst of energy, or sedentary mindless eating that can happen when I’m not moving as much.

kid shirt

I am grateful that NFC takes its #FamilyFitnessFun motto so seriously.  They want the entire family to have something to do at the fitness center, not just the parents, nor just the kids.  Don’t you hate those kids’ classes that leave the parents all sitting around for an hour? That doesn’t happen at NFC.  My kids have tried everything from swimming and rock climbing classes to ballet and tumbling with Kids in Motion.

This summer’s camps promise to be just as motivating for kids as the year-round Kids in Motion classes.  Themes include karate ninjas, water wars, survivor challenges, indoor soccer training and much more.  Summer camp catalogs are available at the front desk of your local NFC in East Tennessee.

Some of our favorite family moments for fitness?  Trying to keep up with two kids who can outrun me, my youngest counting my laps while I swim, and climbing the rock wall together.  They were excited when I was a good enough sport to try the indoor waterslides at the Signature Club.  When the weather’s nice, we might just walk the family dog together — anything to get moving.

So, yes, #FamilyFitnessFun is an accurate way of describing what you can get from a fitness center when it caters to entire families.  Kids want to stay busy, so why not encourage a screen break in favor of more time to get moving for fitness? If you’re feeling a bit tired like lots of us busy parents can from time to time, why not try new ways to get moving yourself, and see if that increases your energy level?  Best of luck with whatever fitness program you choose, even it’s simply a fresh approach to having fun with your kids.

The #teamNFC program encourages us to all get out and exercise three or more times per week – ideally five times per week per government fitness guidelines, or whatever your doctor recommends for you.


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