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Pampering Dry Winter Skin

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Suffering the effects of dry winter air and neglect of your body’s largest organ — your skin?  There’s still time to pamper your skin with some common sense and the most soothing ingredients around.

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Have you tried?

  • Bundling up.  Hats and mittens can protect skin from the harsh winter air.
  • Slightly less steamy showers.  Not too hot with the water.
  • Gentler than soap. When you choose gentler cleansers like Routine Clean and Soothing Face Wash, your skin gets a break.
  • Luxurious moisturizers.  Beautycounter offers a wide range of moisturizers for your skin type, including Lustro Face Oils that you can add by the drop to a creamy face lotion.

What is working for you this winter?  Are you pampering your skin?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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