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Five Great Reasons to Garden this Year

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Have you been watching patiently for the last frost in your growing region?  Ordered seeds already?  Dreaming of greener days outdoors?  In case you need any more motivation, here are five great reasons to garden this year!


Family Project

Whether your aim is to teach the kids more responsibility or simply have a constructive way to spend more time as a family outdoors, a garden gives you a great space in which to do so.  It has been a joy to have my youngest, even as a preschooler, get interested in the science of seed germination. Enticing kids to pull weeds later in the season, a little more challenging, but still a family project.

Fresh June Vegetables from Garden

Pesticide-Free Option

It’s nearly impossible to avoid pesticide residues on commercially grown food these days.  Yet, choosing foods grown with organic methods can minimize exposure to these substances.  When you take charge of growing at least some of your own food, you can give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you used organic practices, if you choose.

Get Physical

Yes, gardening can be physical work.  This motivates you to get out and move while you prep the garden beds, plant and then tend your garden throughout the growing season. It’s a way to build in a little more physical activity into your day.

Peas in foreground of terraced, raised bed garden

Kitchen Garden Convenience

Have you spent good money on those little bunches of grocery store herbs, only to need a third of what you bought?  Gardening gives you the option to grow your own mints, cilantro, oregano or whatever your kitchen needs, without any waste. Just pick fresh or dry the amounts you need.

Garden-Fresh Tastes Better

Compare the classic homegrown tomato with anything else, and there’s no match, is there?  Plus, imagine the nutrients saved by picking those string beans moments before you blanch them, compared to using “fresh” foods that traveled hundreds of miles before sitting in the grocery bin. Garden-fresh lettuce they can pick themselves may entice your kids to get excited about salad. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate the fruits of your hard work when you taste that fresh-picked difference.

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