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5 Reasons to Treat Yourself Lovely with Beautycounter

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You want to put your best face forward every day. Yet when you look in the mirror, can you tell yourself you treat it with the same care you give other important parts of your life?  You probably know your skin is the largest organ of your body, yet have you thought lately about what you put on it?


Here are 5 reasons to treat yourself lovely with Beautycounter:

First Impressions Matter

You know this.  I know this.  Fairly or unfairly, this is how our world works.  Psychologists tell us that we’re simply wired as humans to perceive first impressions of others based in great part on how they look and other nonverbal communication.  The pragmatic approach would be to present the most positive version of ourselves, including healthy skin and tasteful cosmetics.  You’ll want to make a good first impression, whether in the boardroom or the PTO meeting at your child’s school.

Beauty Builds Confidence

Luxurious products designed to enhance your skin and help you put you best face forward can boost self-confidence.  Although the effect of a good eye creme may not be instant, I instantaneously feel better about myself while I’m applying it, don’t you?  I’m not promoting narcissism here, but encouraging you to treat your skin well and feel empowered by the act of being your most beautiful self!

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Beautycounter Screens for Safe Ingredients

Just as important as the soothing essential oils and luxurious botanicals that Beautycounter uses is the Never List of ingredients that Beautycounter pledges never to use in skincare products.  Did you know that, because of lax federal regulations that haven’t kept pace with science, most cosmetics companies can get away with using ingredients linked to hormone disruption, reproductive toxicity, skin irritation and even cancer?  Beautycounter is leading the beauty industry in screening carefully for ingredient safety.

Our Daughters are Watching

We all grow up influenced by our own mothers, don’t we?  What did the other women in our life use on their skin?  Chances are, they had no specific health information to concern themselves with regard to cosmetic ingredients.  But we do.  When our daughters see us choose products not only for beauty, but for health and safety, that sets an important example for them.  We show our kids how important they are to us when we choose the Kids Collection at Beautycounter for bath products and sun protection.


You are Worth It

If you can hint to that special someone in your life that your skin would find it sensually enticing to receive a gift of new Rose Neroli body oil from Beautycounter, more power to you!  The Valentine Shop still offers other fun ways to Treat Yourself Lovely, even if you have to gift yourself.  From fun and frivolous to basic, healthy skincare, you and your skin are worth the very best.

Thanks for visiting the shop at my Beautycounter site. I’m proud to serve as a Beautycounter consultant and tell others about this beautiful skincare made safe!

If you are in the East Tennessee are and would like to host a Beautycounter social with 10 or more of your friends, you can contact me to make arrangements at


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