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Women Working on Muscles & More

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This series is part of my sponsored involvement with the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center!

My mother was the strongest person I’ve ever known.  How she raised four children while working side-by-side with my father on the family farm is impressive to me.  I truly believe there was nothing she couldn’t do.  Tough as nails, inside and out.  Yet, she didn’t have the resources most of us have today in science-based fitness programs that can help women be even stronger.  Her generation and the one before her included women who knew nothing about the most basic exercises to strengthen their backs that often ached under the weight of so many household and farm chores.

Body Pump class at National Fitness Center

Body Pump class at National Fitness Center

Fast forward to today’s weight-lifting fitness classes like the Les Mills Body Pump class that I adore at National Fitness Center.  The instructors are meticulously trained and always careful to guide us in proper form to protect our backs and necks while strengthening them.  I’ll never forget how awkward I felt in those first few classes, with hardly any weight on the barbell.  But, I was never in danger of hurting myself as long as I followed the instructions.  I still use relatively light weights in that class, but I am in absolute awe of how much stronger I feel now!  Weights are regularly incorporated, as well, into Personal High Intensity Interval Training classes and into personal training.  You can get a sense here of how this fits into a fun PHIIT routine:

I know, we’ve all been intimidated at some point by the muscle-bound, fitness competitor weight-lifter at the gym, discouraged that we’ll never look like that!  Maybe we won’t.  Hopefully we will look like the fittest, strongest, healthiest version of ourselves.  The encouragement I find in classes like these is that we all come with various backgrounds and body types, yet we all are capable of making progress.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see the beginning of muscle definition after previously losing all hope of this for myself.  Progress, depending on what your goals are, might be in the way you look next swimsuit season, and good for you.  You also might be measuring progress, like I am, in less visible qualities like strength, energy and self-confidence.

Of course, the fitness experts can help dispel the myth that weightlifting will make a women look too masculine.  Not at all.  Instead, medical experts keep recommending that women especially concentrate on muscle-strengthening exercises to help us age in a healthier way.  Go ahead ladies, build muscle, and see how this helps you achieve results you’ve been wanting!

Tomorrow:  the missing ingredient in many of our fitness plans that could be sabotaging our progress.

On this second day of National Fitness Center’s 12 Days of Christmas offers, new members signing up today (December 8th) can receive two free PHIIT training sessions. Ask about this at any NFC location. This is an NFC-sponsored post.

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