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Don’t Discount Nutrition, Food Choices, as Main Fitness Ingredient

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Thanks to the #teamNFC program at National Fitness Center this blog post sponsorship.

Frustrated with limited results from your workout routine?  Perhaps you’re missing the main ingredient that fitness experts recommend:  nutrition.  Certified personal trainer Steven Dean recently told the NFC Weight-Loss Success Group at National Fitness Center that nutrition is 70% – 80% of reaching your fitness goals.  While his talk covered core training and common problem areas, he reminded everyone that you can’t reach your ultimate weight-loss and muscle-building goals without being mindful of what you eat.

Brussels sprouts

Does this mean you have to exist on a diet of Brussels sprouts?  Not necessarily.  But every better food choice can help.  Nutritionist Theresa Blair, at another gathering of the NFC Weight-Loss Success Group, emphasized a direct correlation between diet and disease.  All the more reason to be proactive in making healthy, nutrition-dense food choices.

I’ve shared with you how NFC’s online nutrition tool can help with counting not just calories, but a balance of nutrients for healthy meal planning.  Blair has noted that even within nutrition guidelines, different variables will still exist. “Everybody’s metabolism is as individual as their fingerprint,” Blair said.  For many of us, that online tool can be a start.

NFC Weight-Loss Success Group Gathering with Nutritionist Theresa Blair

NFC Weight-Loss Success Group Gathering with Nutritionist Theresa Blair

Dean emphasizes planning appropriately sized portions as part of your weekly meal planning.  Blair encourages everyone who can to cook at home with the best quality ingredients they can grow themselves or buy.  Organic produce is ideal, as are grass-fed or free-range meats.

Nutritionists and trainers all recommend drinking plentiful amounts of water each day, as well.  Blair even suggests trying water purified by reverse osmosis.

Pink Smoothie at NFC

If you’re like most busy folks, some days will be better than others with regard to the meal planning, quality of food and sticking to good nutrition as part of your fitness plan.  On days when I haven’t planned my snack or meal replacement ahead of time, I have enjoyed the convenience of a smoothie made with closely selected ingredients at an NFC location.

How will you incorporate nutrition into reaching your weight-loss or general fitness goal?  Even one better food habit could get you closer to that goal, so good luck!

I am proud to be a community member of the #teamNFC program!

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