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ShiftCon Inspires Green Living for the Mainstream

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Ever feel all alone in your quest to feed your family well on a budget?  Still feel like the only green family on your block?  If you blog, do you wonder if your audience really gets the educational messages you want them to hear?  Those are some of the challenges bloggers addressed this fall at the Green for the Mainstream workshop at ShiftCon.

If you pick one blogging/lifestyle conference to attend in 2016, I would wholeheartedly recommend ShiftCon social media conference, because of the way it can energize, educate and encourage you.  Take a look at this post-conference video hosted by founder Leah Segedie that perfectly captures this sentiment:

The best things about ShiftCon 2015 were, in my opinion:

  • Positive, Creative People
  • Socially Conscious Brands
  • Increasingly Mainstream Causes
  • Constructive Ideas

I had the privilege of presenting at the Green for the Mainstream Workshop along with some outstanding folks from all across the country who blog in their own inspiring ways!  Chef Dennis Littley of, Jeanae Osborne of and Jenny Bradford of

Green for the Mainstream at ShiftCon

We shared common challenges and strategies for helping people get started on their personal quests for healthier living, more wholesome cooking and greener household habits.  We all share a nonjudgmental approach with folks who might not think they can afford to eat organic or to switch the type of cosmetics they’re using.

Osborne suggested sharing healthy living tips or favorite blog posts with family or friends in ways that show you care about them, “When they see that you care so much about them, they’re gonna want to hear what you have to say.”

Littley says that caring approach others showed him during the previous year’s ShiftCon was what convinced him to make healthier food choices, as others told him,  “Maybe make some better choices, because we want you to be around a while, we care about you.”  He went on to a successful year of personal weight-loss after that.

Bradford stressed, “Everybody’s different, so I think it’s really important to just respect where everybody’s coming from.”  She suggested helping someone start with just one change in a personal care or household product may be the right starting point.

I shared Clean Couponing strategies that can be budget-conscious while mindful of quality.

Here’s a look at the entire Green for the Mainstream workshop from ShiftCon, via Chef Dennis’ Blab account. Please add your voice to the conversation in the comments below this post!

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