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Have a Heart, Be a Superhero for All Our Kids!

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This is a sponsored post for National Fitness Center.

Parents, isn’t it fascinating how your children pick up on the littlest habits you show them everyday? You know what I mean, from learning to say please and thank you to fun habits like playing outdoors to not-so-proud habits like the times they ask for junk food because they’ve seen you eat it.

Preach to them all you want, even take them to church, but at the end of the day, your kids will hear the little things you say, feel the awkward spaces in between your words, and most importantly, observe with the innocent curiosity that only a child can possess.

Our kids are watching.  They learn from us, good and bad, every single day.  They need us as parents to be their heroes.

Child with goggles closeup under waterfall

When it comes to body image and fitness, we can remember simple rules like not criticizing our own bodies for being too fat, too skinny, too this or too that.  Because, those young ears are listening and watching and forming their own impressions of themselves while they observe us.

I haven’t yet revealed to my daughters that I have lost a total of 16 pounds so far since joining National Fitness Center, where I feel blessed to take part in the social media network called the #teamNFC program.  It’s all about encouraging fitness and wellness in the online community as well as the East Tennessee region.

On a personal level, losing weight has always been difficult for me.  I can’t say I have the healthiest body image.  I would want to choose my words carefully when telling two impressionable daughters that I am happy to have lost the weight.  I don’t want them to think I was any less of a person when I still held onto that extra weight.  I don’t want them to know all of my insecurities about still not reaching my longer-term weight loss goals.

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What I can do now is continue to provide the Kids in Motion program and the Sharks swimming program for my young athletes, which provide ways for them to build self-esteem in a family friendly setting.  These programs can also give them fitness fun while giving me time for fitness of my own. We also plan on running or walking on Saturday, October 17 in the Superhero Heart Run as a fun way to get outdoors in support of other children born with congenital heart defects.  You can also register for the run here.

If you live in East Tennessee, I hope you’ll visit one of the many NFC locations and ask about fitness for your entire family.  Don’t wait until you feel like you have the perfect body, because your kids are counting on you right now to show them a healthy lifestyle — to help them build healthy habits for tomorrow.  Be a superhero for your kids by setting good fitness examples and, if you can, by joining the Superhero Heart Run in October!


This is a sponsored post for National Fitness Center.

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