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Why It’s Okay to be Your Own Unique Shade of Green

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How green are you?  I’d love to include your response in this short survey that aims to cover all shades of green!  When I started this blog, I was mindful to not use the term “green” in the title for fear of alienating too many mainstream folks.  I named the blog, instead, for my grandmother who sewed with flour sack fabrics, because she was frugal and creatively green without even using that term.  It wasn’t a fad for her; it was the way she lived.

Green for the Mainstream workshop at ShiftCon conference

If you live in the mainstream of life today like I do, you may choose some green approaches that work for you while making very conventional choices in other areas.  For instance, I applaud homemakers who can run a home so eco-conscious that composting toilets and family cloth are the norm.  At our house with the typical macho man husband and family of four, I’m pretty sure there would be a revolt if I tried taking away the toilet paper and modern facilities!  We all have to choose what works for us, don’t we? We have to choose our own shade of green, without concern for what everyone else in the crowd is doing.

On the other end of the spectrum, I can’t morally live a life where I don’t model at least some good green habits for my children, because their very futures depend on them.  From teaching them the basics of organic gardening to learning to minimize petroleum-based plastics to starting consumer education very young, I hope to instill habits that are not just green to be trendy, but a part of a larger set of life skills.  We do some very simple, green things like shopping thrift or consignment stores for some of their back-to-school clothes. On a personal level, going green is even part of our Christian faith to be good stewards of God’s creation and to care for our neighbors as well as ourselves.

Blogging Causes ShiftCon

I am honored by the opportunity to share my Green for the Mainstream approach at the upcoming ShiftCon Media conference along with two social media colleagues.  If you join us (save $ with my affiliate link while there are still a few conference seats available) this September at ShiftCon, we would welcome you to our workshop on everything from where to start if you don’t consider yourself green at all, to how to connect with your mainstream social media audience on green topics.  I’m thrilled to have a place on this panel next to mom and Holy Yoga teacher Jenny Bradford from Texas who blogs at Living Consciously; as well as chef, culinary instructor and Google+ expert Dennis Littley from Florida who blogs at Ask Chef Dennis!  Jenny and I will also be there as mentors of the Green 101 tribe, along with eco-conscious pr expert Paige Wolf who blogs at Spit That Out!  It’s another way that ShiftCon’s founder, Leah Segedie, wants to let you know that everyone is welcome at the conference, not just uber-green afficionados.

Leah Segedia ShiftCon conference

I shared with you my sweat and fitness inspirations from the inaugural ShiftCon conference held in Los Angeles, and this was just one facet of the conference that included all things eco-friendly and wellness-friendly.  We were served organic and non-GMO food at a magnificent breakfast each morning. We heard from thought leaders in the eco-media world, including leading organic industry leaders.  This second conference in 2015 is promising even more access to industry leaders, networking opportunities and sampling of the latest products that have your health and wellness in mind.  You can get your ticket here for the event held this year in the Manhattan Beach community!

While I chose ShiftCon as my one blogging conference to attend this year, there are aspects of other blogging conferences that I admire very much — the sisterhood, the professional development education, the creative destinations.  The deciding factor for me since I had to choose one conference was that ShiftCon is about the causes closest to my heart and tends to bring in sponsors that share my values about food, family and eco-conscious living.  If you’ve also encountered, as I have, at blogging conferences, that the content may be great but that most sponsors are not those you can support via your blogging, then you may also be ready for the transition to ShiftCon.  I’d love to hear in the comments below what you’re most excited about for ShiftCon and if this will be your first year there.  You can also reach me directly at  Looking forward to seeing you at ShiftCon!

Get a sneak preview of sponsors you might see at the conference during the #ShiftCon Twitter party this Wednesday, July 22, at 6 pm Pacific, 8 Central time.  Organizers are rounding up lots of prizes! I’ll be tweeting there from my @CleanCouponing Twitter handle.

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