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Share Back-to-School Tips for a Smarter, Greener Year: #CleanCouponing Twitter Chat

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Noticed how long the school supply lists are getting these days?  Or how long your daughter’s wish list is for fashion items? Where do you draw the line?  Are you missing easy opportunities to save? When should you consider splurging?  What toxic traps should you avoid at back-to-school time? Just need to vent to other parents?

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Join tonight’s #CleanCouponing Back-to-School chat at 9 pm Eastern time when we cover more than your standard school supply list.  Meet expert guests from the advocacy world who can share resources about avoiding toxic products and working toward better environmental health in our children’s schools.  Share perspectives with parents of different educational approaches.

Tonight’s chat on Twitter is hosted by @CleanCouponing and @FlourSackMama, with these panelists and other interested bloggers:







Five #CleanCouponing Back-to-School Tips…

Still not convinced you should care what’s around your children in their school environment?  Here’s the beautifully produced A Wake-Up Story from Healthy Child Healthy World that explains:

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