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Leading Organic Growers to Watch

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Who else is still striving for the perfect prize-winning vegetable to win a ribbon at the fair?  If you are doing this with organic methods, avoiding most off-the-shelf chemical cocktails for growing a garden, you deserve a ribbon for that alone!  Here are a few of my favorite sources for great organic growing information:


Start with dirt.  Just dirt.  Build healthy soils.

Unless you prefer hydroponics, then use the finest nutrients you can find to help the plants grow in water.

If you think it can’t be grown organically, the Rodale Institute has probably grown it and shown it can be done better than with chemical input methods.  Check out the link to a free organic transition class you can take online with this nonprofit.

Old-world wisdom provides much of the know-how for modern organic farming in America’s heartland. It can be done, it is being done, and dedicated farmers and ranchers are providing the seedstock for organics to continue.

Did you know the nation’s leading cancer hospital for kids is focused on serving fresh, organic food from its own organic garden?

A top hospital group in Pennsylvania is also teamed up with the Rodale Institute to grow organic food for its patients.

Director of Culinary Operations Miles McNath at St. Jude Garden

Need seeds?  Find an authentic source like the folks at Baker Creek Seeds, whose founder spoke with us about the importance of keeping a non-GMO source for your garden.

Try saving some of your own garden seeds, trade with local growers, and continue supporting your right to food independence!

Explore new things at an Organic Growers School or something similar in your area.


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