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Top 5 Reasons to Join the Play-In For Climate Action

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We all want #CleanAir4Kids, don’t we?  We know children, the elderly and those with compromised health are more susceptible to breathing problems from air pollution.  We also know that even beautiful, picturesque places in the United States like Appalachia’s Great Smoky Mountains are still hot spots for high ozone levels — indicators of polluted air that puts everyone’s health at risk.

Moms Clean Air Force Washington

The American Lung Association reports more than 121,000 cases of children with asthma in the state of Tennessee alone, where those in leadership are still not all agreed on how to best keep the air as clean as possible.  Some are still hanging onto the influence of dirty and risky energy sources, while the health and environmental implications are clear.  We need clean air and water, we need smarter energy choices, we need a future designed to reduce climate change instead of denying it.

Here are the top 5 reasons to join the Moms Clean Air Force Play-In For Climate Action this summer:

  • 5. Dirty energy/industry lobbyists still have a hold on Washington leaders.  They’d rather see clean air standards rolled back or not enforced instead of improved. If real people don’t show up to speak up, why will your Senators and Representatives even care?
  • 4. The US is in danger of lagging behind in clean energy progress, which could cost us good-paying jobs over the next few decades.
  • 3. Inadequate movement toward cleaner energy reduces our chances of slowing climate change.
  • 2. Smog pollution threatens everyone’s health, worsening asthma, heart disease and more.
  • 1. This is about the #CleanAir4Kids, so why not make this a family event?

You are invited to join Moms Clean Air Force with families from across the country, as they gather in Washington, DC on July 9 for the Play-In For Climate Action!

Join the virtual movement with the #PlayIn4Climate Twitter chat on June 29 with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy!

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Ask your senator to support America’s Clean Power Plan!

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