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Summer Harvest in Organic Family Garden – Saturdays in the Garden

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Rich green colors in the garden give us hints of the rich antioxidant properties these powerful organic foods can have when they deliver nutrients directly to our kitchen tables!  Any organic produce ripened in the garden and eaten fresh can be a real boost to your family’s diet.  This photo is from our garden, unfiltered for color, with the greens being naturally this dark.

Fresh June Vegetables from Garden

I’m excited about the zucchini harvested from the garden, packed with Vitamins A, B and C plus minerals like potassium and magnesium!  Since the skin itself includes valuable nutrients, and I don’t have to worry about toxic pesticide residues, I’ll plan on scrubbing these prized veggies and finding creative ways to use the skins, too.  I let one of the squash get far too big, but I’ll still be able to cook with it.  I may slice up one of the smaller zucchini to eat raw.

The leaf lettuces require a bit of attention to harvest, but everyone in the family will eat them when they come fresh from the garden.  I never want these to sit in the refrigerator more than a day, so I pick small amounts at a time.  It’s time to reseed the lettuce patch with seeds I saved from earlier in the spring.

Green tomatoes

I’ve had some concern about blossom end rot on tomatoes and used a calcium spray to help prevent any more of that.  It’s one of the rare off-the-shelf exceptions I’ll make in my growing practices. Overall, the green tomatoes are looking good throughout the garden.

I have one vine of hard-shelled peas growing well, and another that has been attacked by pests.  I’m hoping to improve the health of those vines so they can thrive this summer.

I’m determined to grow some food each year with organic methods in our little family garden.  This is because of the superior nutrition of organic foods, the taste and freshness, and most importantly, because of the growing body of evidence showing toxic chemicals used in conventional agriculture could be harming our health as well as the ecosystem.  Our children have the right to know the origins of food and how to make wise choices about nourishing their own bodies.  The best way to start teaching them is with a home garden.  Have you heard of the research showing how our bodies are accumulating pesticide residues or how they can be relatively free of those residues when we switch to organic foods?  Take a listen:

Lest you think all organic growing is haphazard from seeing some of my personal experiences on a small scale, here’s some detailed information from the University of Missouri on organic growing practices.

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Zinnia flowers picked by child in garden

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