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Saturdays in the Garden 2015

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As a young professional working in the news business, I didn’t think I had time to garden.  So, on a summer trip home to see my folks, they sent me home with an entire paper bag loaded down with homegrown tomatoes.  Somehow they survived the trip in the overhead bin of the airplane.  That’s how badly I wanted to bring that taste of home back with me.

I can’t say I ever really enjoyed all of the chores I got to help with in the garden, like pulling weeds. Yet, being sent to the garden to pick a few tomatoes for supper is the sort of ritual I’m happy to pass down to my daughters.  Each summer, we look forward to this popular fruit found in home gardens everywhere.  Even better, we’re growing them now with organic methods and less risk of harming our health by using toxic inputs like pesticides.

Saturdays in the Garden here on the Flour Sack Mama are for sharing gardening stories, tips and hopefully perspectives to encourage with your own vegetable patch projects.

Heirloom Tomatoes Flour Sack Mama

This summer, my theme is simplifying and growing fewer types of plants than I’ve grown in the past.   I struggled to fend off pests from my organic corn and potatoes last year.  That’s not to say they can’t be grown organically, because they are.  I just decided to focus on a few things like tomatoes, lettuce and some other veggies that I’ve had success growing in the past and that my kids really like to eat. We are trying Brussels sprouts for the first time, with enthusiastic interest from the kids, since they already like to eat those.  I’d like to try watermelon again, but I’m not sure I can find any room.  The raised beds are chock full of things to grow already.


I do appreciate the loyal following from many of you who’ve watched our little organic family garden grow through the years.  I must share with you my disappointment in not securing a sponsor who is interested in helping me expand the scope of these Saturdays in the Garden posts to feature the latest in organic gardening with new interviews from agriculture experts around the country and visits to some of the most innovative organic gardeners and farmers.  I’d even be happy to include some video posts for you if the resources were available.

For now, I want to continue Saturdays in the Garden for you.  However, I’ve been thoughtfully considering how I can maintain this weekly post for an audience without stretching the scope beyond what I can afford in a non-sponsored format.  Feel free to leave me your thoughts on this in the comments below.  I find enough solace in gardening that with or without a blog post to produce, I intend to go right on planting and tending.


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