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The Housing Hour Features Home & Environmental Topics from a Mom’s Perspective

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Have you heard the latest news about that popular product you may be putting on your lawn right now?  How about efforts to clear the air for kids’ health?  Or what you could say to your local store manager today that would forever change the way you look at shopping?  Let’s look at these things from a mom’s perspective!

We cover these topics and more this week – and we confess that simple living is just not that simple anymore.  Please join me when I chat with the hosts of The Housing Hour this week.

Anne at New Housing Hour Studio

The Housing Hour Host Kevin Rhea & Co-Host Mark Griffith at Joy 620 Radio Studios

You can listen to The Housing Hour on the radio in East Tennessee at these times:

Thursday, April 9, 5 pm ET on Joy 620

Saturday, April 11, 9 am ET on Talk Radio 760

Saturday, April 11, 10 am ET on Joy 620

Podcast later on The Housing Hour


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