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Fitness Enthusiasts Join Forces at National Fitness Center

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*I am blessed to be able to take part in the #teamNFC program with National Fitness Center, which is all about promoting fitness and wellness in the East Tennessee Community!

Stretch, move, walk, run, lift, dance, sweat…how do you make fitness part of your life?  There will always be body trends and get-fit-quick schemes out there.  I prefer to run away from those, turning instead to ways of making fit habits a part of my everyday life.

I’ve been excited lately to notice a bit more arm strength for lifting, a bit more core strength for cycling, and the ability to complete my first climb to the top of the rock wall at the NFC West Signature Club.  There are so many different classes, that I’m still sampling them all.  Core Barre was a particularly impressive class to try, because of the way it works small muscle groups.  I’m also trying to build in repetition and consistency so I can see results from a popular class like Body Pump or Body Attack.  I’m still not down to the size I want to be, but I’m getting stronger every day and I have more energy.

I’d love to introduce you to the newest #teamNFC members who’ve joined in this special program of promoting fitness with National Fitness Center!  Most of them are pictured here in the large #teamNFC group that gathered recently at the club, but because of scheduling commitments, we were still not able to include everyone.

NFC Large Group Photo

You may have seen Rural-Metro firefighter Gabriel Atkinson in a recent charity auction.  When Gabe isn’t on shift at the fire station, he’s often pumping iron at one of NFC’s eight locations.

Savvy real estate agent Johnnie Creel cares for her customers and finds ways throughout the year to give back to the East Tennessee community.  She joined us for the very first time on the day of our group photo, recently tried the Core Barre class, and is ready to add her amazing energy to #teamNFC!

You may remember Erin Donovan from East Tennessee television, where she dared to try all sorts of sports!  These days, she’s busy serving as communications director for the Knoxville Convention and Visitors Bureau.  We’re glad she’s such a good sport about taking time for fitness and sharing her enthusiam in the #teamNFC community and beyond.

Valerie Holliday cValerie Anneouldn’t make it to the group photo, but she spends long hours on her own and others’ fitness goals as a personal trainer.  She also loves competing in women’s bodybuilding challenges.  She recently gave me some pointers on the kettlebells.

Kelsey Kane is a former Lady Vol track member working now on her master’s degree. Kelsey also enjoys competing in women’s bodybuilding or bikini competitions.

Glenneth Reed runs the Your Path to Fit blog about online personal training for women. Glenneth is very encouraging about going at your own pace and says walking, not running, is her thing.

Sarah Van Sickle is the founder of Knoxville Beauty Hunters, a community program all about providing a free outlet for women who want to get into fitness.  Sarah is especially passionate about redefining beauty and building self esteem in women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels!

I’ve introduced our earliest #teamNFC members here and here.

Whether you try a local gym or just get outdoors to walk, I hope you take time every day for yourself, so you can feel your best!  If you decide to visit National Fitness Center at one of its many East Tennessee locations, please tell them Anne sent you.


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One Response to Fitness Enthusiasts Join Forces at National Fitness Center

  1. Becky Charlotte June 4, 2015 at 11:28 pm #

    Looks like you ladies had a great time. As a fitness enthusiast myself, I absolutely love attending fitness programs like this. I’ll be attending the next one next weekend. Ah, I can hardly wait!

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