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Celebrating Motherhood: Quilting with Kids

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mother with her little

We love, nurture, teach, correct and guide our little ones into the world.  We laugh, cry and pray over them.  We speak up about injustices in the world – for them.  We hope to transfer some speck of knowledge, some scrap of heritage, some wisdom he or she can use.  

Perhaps this happens in the midst of a project we can do together.  That’s what guest post by contributor Jessica Hill is discovering as her daughter grows up and wants to quilt just like her mother:

One of my favorite parts of being “Mom” is sharing my hobbies with my kids. I love to quilt, so usually I share by making the kids special blankets out of their favorite colors. But lately, I have been able to take it to a new level. My oldest daughter is almost 7 and she is developing the patience and coordination to partake in quilt making.

Quilting Kid Collage Jessica Hill

Ruby decided she wanted to make a quilt for her American Girl Doll, Kit. This is a perfect project because it can be done a little at a time, but will still be finished pretty quickly. She started by going through her grandma’s scrap box and picking out the fabrics that caught her eye and were big enough to make 5×5 inch squares. It turns out, my daughter likes white fabrics (which is fun, because I lean toward bright, colorful fabrics).

Ruby ironed all of her chosen fabrics and her grandma helped her cut them down into squares. Next, she had to arrange her fabrics however she wanted. And, then, she learned to sew them together.

It has been a fun process, watching her grow. Each time she sits in front of the sewing machine, she gets better at keeping her lines. And, it’s nice to sew with my daughter. She is already dreaming of future projects and wants to enter a quilt into a local show next year!

Hobbies can easily be adjusted to your child’s skill level. In this case, my daughter is capable of ironing fabrics and sewing the squares together. She is not yet ready to assist with the cutting as that requires extremely sharp instruments. However, when she is ready to quilt her finished product, I know she will enjoy that as well. Her younger sister wants to get in on the fun also. It’s likely that in the next few years my whole house will be overrun with doll-sized projects (and maybe a few bigger ones too)!

Check out Jessica’s post on on building a scrappy beginner’s sewing kit!

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