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Stirring Up Family Breakfast with Stonyfield Organic

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I’m proud to be a #StonyfieldBlogger, bringing you the latest from the company that supports family farmers and organic food choices!

“Can we get kiwi?” asks my oldest daughter now every time we go grocery shopping!  Since this fuzzy fruit has become her latest obsession, I was glad to see the non-GMO label on a package of kiwis recently.  I’d prefer to see the USDA Organic label, which also assures no GMOs; but I’ll take what I can get, just satisfied there is still some interest in real food at our house.

My kids who have generally been good eaters have become persnickety lately about food, noticeably influenced by their peers and the junk food that is prevalent in homes, schools and snack bars these days.  When they pick fruits they like, it’s a win-win! Apparently, one kiwi offers vitamins C and E, more potassium than a banana plus the goodness of magnesium, folate and zinc.

Stonyfield Breakfast Yogurt with kiwi and blueberries

We paired fresh kiwi and organic blueberries for a breakfast time of trying some fun new yogurts that Stonyfield sent us.  Both girls dug into the richness of Oh My Yog! with its organic milk top and sweet fruit on the bottom.  “This tastes like cream cheese,” one declared.  They loved the wild Quebec blueberry and Pacific Coast strawberry flavors!

I appreciate that the live active cultures S. Thermophilus and L. Bulgaricus can contribute to healthy gut flora, which science is showing is incredibly important for healthy immune systems.  In contrast, pesticide residues found to be present in conventional foods have the potential to disrupt healthy gut bacteria.

Organic yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein for fueling my kids in the morning! Different flavors give them another chance to pick what they prefer from an array of wholesome foods.

girl in robe eating breakfast fruit and yogurt

At breakfast, we also sampled Stonyfield’s new Greek and Chia yogurt, which I loved!  It starts with a nonfat Greek yogurt that’s even higher in the protein I need.  The soft, hydrated chia seeds are a clever addition, and I got hooked on the blueberry and blood orange flavors.  Did you know chia seeds not only pack a lot of fiber, but they are rich in calcium, too?

My kids were not as comfortable about the yogurt with chia seeds, and picked Oh My Yog! as their favorite instead.  I’m excited about all of the Oh My Yog! goodness in this new product, only wishing it were lower in sugar.  The fruit flavors they liked each contain 22 grams of sugar.  I understand the challenge to make new yogurt products taste appealing to kids, but I’d like to see that sugar content lowered.

Mealtimes with kids can be a challenge for all of us, from being in a rush to budget constraints to picky eaters.  We’ll continue to try a variety of fruits and vegetables, including the kids’ choices whenever possible.  Plus, we’ll pick organic every chance we get.  How is breakfast working for you these days?  Let me know in the comments below.  By the way, did you know you can sign up to print your own coupons directly from the Stonyfield website?  It’s a great #CleanCouponing tool to use every week!

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