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March Forth for Safer Products with Beautycounter!

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1938 was an important time in US history as the United States was climbing out of the Great Depression.  It’s a nostalgic time for my family to look back upon because my grandparents were then raising their young children.  Can you believe 1938 was also the last time the US passed a federal law to regulate ingredients in personal care products?

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1938 — we all know there have been a few scientific and medical discoveries made since then.  For instance, it’s now common knowledge that our babies are born pre-polluted with toxic chemicals, that pesticides are detected in our rainwater, and that products our grandmothers and mothers used without concern on their bodies and in their homes may have had links to serious health problems. Now one in three women and one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer.  There’s an entire field of scientific study uncovering how hormone disrupting chemicals have been wreaking havoc on our modern lives, and there’s the hopeful world of green chemistry seeking safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.

The science-based, socially conscious mission of Beautycounter is behind the company’s two-year anniversary effort for all consultants and informed customers to speak up for safer US policies. That’s why I’ll be joining hundreds, if not thousands, of Beautycounter members around the country in calling my US Senators tomorrow.  On March 4th, the March Forth effort means raising our voices with something as simple as a phone call to say it’s time to update a 1938 safety policy that doesn’t serve us well today. It’s time to ensure ingredients are safe before they go into our personal care products. You can call too, with this number 202-224-3121 and ask to speak with one or both US Senators from your state.

Meantime, Beautycounter is leading the way as one of the few companies whose screening process is much stricter than what the law requires.  To the best of its ability, Beautycounter headquarters screens ingredients for safety while creating beautiful skincare products.


When I host one of the many, many Beautycounter socials around the country on March 4, I’ll be sharing my personal reasons for becoming a Beautycounter consultant and why it’s a compatible fit for my blog. If you are in the East Tennessee area, I hope you’ll join me, from 10:30 am to noon at Southern Grace Mercantile on 8903 Oak Ridge Highway near Knoxville.

If you can’t join me in Knoxville, you can join my virtual social here.  On that website you’ll find not just products, but ingredient listings and safety information.  Our nation’s lawmakers may think a 1938 standard is just fine today.  It may work for yesterday’s business model, but it doesn’t work for innovative new businesses that are responsive to consumers — and it doesn’t work for consumers who want safer products.  Most of us in the real world will proceed to make better decisions in the marketplace.

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One Response to March Forth for Safer Products with Beautycounter!

  1. Lindsay March 3, 2015 at 5:31 pm #

    I can’t wait for tomorrow for us to take the Capitol by storm. It’s amazing how high impact a simple telephone call can be. Thanks for all your work and dedication to get safe products into the hands of everyone Anne. You are a true leader, educator and friend.

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