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Five Valentine’s Day Ideas That Are Good For Your Heart!

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We all know the fairy tale version of love and romance, and if you have that this Valentine’s Day, bless your heart!

Heart Valentines Day

Let’s get down to five Valentine’s Day ideas that really are good for your heart and your long-term health:

  1. Clear the air:  Anything you do to breathe easier indoors or out can be healthier for your heart! This includes less exposure to ozone pollution, secondhand tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide and even some household chemicals.  The Centers for Disease Control, American Lung Association and advocacy groups like Moms Clean Air Force all call for less pollution indoors and out, for the sake of heart health!  If you’re looking for household cleaners without potentially harmful inhalation hazards, you might want to try Zoeganics cleaners, and use code “CleanCouponing” at checkout.
  2. Enjoy heart healthy foods: These recipes from the American Heart Association might be a good place to start.  The Mayo Clinic even reports that flavanols in the cocoa of dark chocolate may reduce our risk of heart disease.
  3. Laugh more, stress less: You’ve probably read various articles about the perceived health benefits of laughter.  The University of Rochester Medical Center is one of many health institutions examining this concept.  No one’s prescribing laughter yet as a cure for what ails the heart, but the doctors and researchers tell us it can only help.
  4. Embrace safer cosmetics: Lovely smelling fragrances often carry toxic chemicals like phthalates that researchers warn cause endocrine disruption, a threat to the body’s overall health.  This Not So Sexy report discusses the potential dangers of fragrance.  Taking a #CleanCouponing approach to safer cosmetics could include the brand I’ve switched to for my personal use and as a consultant, called Beautycounter.
  5. Move more:  This one’s a no brainer, but most of us are still guilty of not loving ourselves enough to get plenty of cardio work and overall fitness for our hearts’ sake.  As much as you might like to think of sex as exercise, Harvard researchers say you’ll typically not burn nearly as many calories in the act as you would on a treadmill.  Maybe you can relate to my efforts in encouraging my husband to head to National Fitness Center with #teamNFC so he can stay heart healthy in every possible way!

This blog is for entertainment and informational purposes only and not intended to offer any medical advice.

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