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5 Truth-Is-Stranger-Than-Fiction Films not at the Oscars

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Red carpet glamour, superstar ballads and acceptance speeches get us all choked up each year when we watch the Oscars. Amidst all the larger-than-life gestures, we hopefully gain some bit of knowledge and understanding about global concerns. Movies are meant to make us think, of course. We also heard several acceptance speech messages reminding us that, no, all is still not right when it comes to equality and human rights.

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Here’s a list of 5 truth-is-stranger-than-fiction documentary films not mentioned at the Oscars, but some you might want to add to your watch list, nonetheless. They span a range of production quality and resources available to make them, yet each conveys another important message for our time:

Toxic Hot Seat

Filmmakers uncover a toxic secret so insidious it reaches into nearly every home in America!

Genetic Roulette

If you are what you eat, ever wonder why so many more of us are getting sick these days?

Years of Living Dangerously

Big names and impressive production value make this series a must-watch about the global climate change that affect us all!


A mom on a mission doesn’t want what happened to her kids to happen to yours.  What would you do in her shoes?

The Human Experiment

What if our babies really are guinea pigs in the largest human experiment in history?  A notable narrator adds dramatic punch.


What are your favorite documentaries you think everyone should see?



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One Response to 5 Truth-Is-Stranger-Than-Fiction Films not at the Oscars

  1. Lisa Sharp February 23, 2015 at 5:35 pm #

    I really like Tar Creek, it’s about a town in Oklahoma that is a super fund site now and a ghost town due to over mining and lead contamination.

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