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#ShareATree for Arbor Day Foundation with Green is Universal

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This post is in cooperation with the Arbor Day Foundation and Green is Universal.

Our family tradition this time of year includes hunting for the perfectly shaped, real Christmas tree at a local tree farm.  In a pinch, we’ve bought trees that have been transported from another state.  But we try to keep it local, and as natural, as possible. There’s even a movement to grow more Christmas trees organically, which we’ve told you about previously on the Flour Sack Mama blog.


Jack pine trees are often short and crooked…not a favorite for Christmas tree hunters.  But they’re well suited to make paper, drought resistant and a favorite habitat for the endangered bird called the Kirtland’s warbler.  These pines will grow and reproduce easily in the sandy, peninsular areas of Michigan.  The Arbor Day Foundation wants to replant more jack pine trees and help protect the Kirtland warbler’s habitat so it can flourish.

This holiday season, the Arbor Day Foundation will receive $5,000 in donations for planting real trees from Green is Universal for every 25,000 virtual trees shared online.  You can join in the #ShareATree efforts here in the Green is Universal forest!  A successful program will replant thousands of jack pine trees in Michigan.  The Green is Universal website offers a FREE online activity that you can involve the whole family in decorating virtual trees for the holidays!  Here’s one we created:

ShareATree tree

Just like a good gift, it’s the sharing of these trees that matters, because the shares will add up to as much as $25,000 in donations to the Arbor Day Foundation! In addition to creating your own tree, you can discover celebri-trees in the forest and share those, as well.  Favorite weather man Al Roker, talk show host Meredith Vierra and several television stars have created their artistic renderings of holiday trees, as well.

My girls will be impressed that when I shared the tree art by young Benjamin Stockham, who has appeared on Once Upon a Time, Benjamin retweeted about it! You can watch Benjamin now on About a Boy.

I wonder if any other stars would re-share messages from the #ShareATree event?  It might be worth a try.

I had a blast tweeting with several blogger friends recently during the Rockefeller Center tree lighting event!  Did you know the energy efficient LED lights on that giant tree are powered with renewable, solar energy?

Please join me in decorating and sharing a tree  this season in support of the Arbor Day Foundation!

This post is in cooperation with Green is Universal and the Arbor Day Foundation, which may be sending me a tree-related gift. 

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One Response to #ShareATree for Arbor Day Foundation with Green is Universal

  1. Janelle December 5, 2014 at 8:08 pm #

    This is SUCH A GREAT POST!!! Love how you incorporated facts about the jack pine — well done!! You’ve been a stellar Green is Universal supporter this year! 🙂

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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