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This Mom is Setting a Healthy Outlook for The New Year

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*Post presented in cooperation with MinuteClinic.

I’ve always been on the move, but now I’m stuck.  Can you relate?

On a previous family vacation, I hiked eight miles with my husband and children on a moderately difficult trail near Longs Peak in the Colorado Rockies. Having the endurance of a gritty farm kid who grew up doing chores, as an adult I’ve always hiked, walked or ran. Yet, something isn’t going quite right.

Has this happened to you?

Rocky Mountains Family Hike

Family Hike near Longs Peak in Colorado Rockies

Now that my kids are school-aged, I’m coping with the reality that I’ve never lost all my pregnancy baby weight.  In fact, I’m concerned about the pounds creeping on.  I’m also want to stave off any tendency to develop diabetes, heart disease or cancer — all health problems I’ve seen in my extended family.  I sense a difference in my stress levels, too, when I make time for exercise versus fueling my sedentary self with caffeine.

Spending hours of sedentary time working on blog posts in front of a computer screen means I obviously need to balance that with plenty of exercise.  Even if I can’t get away for a hike, I’m determined to get more frequent workout sessions in at the gym.  I realize it’s time to get much more regimented about my personal fitness.

Yet physical activity alone isn’t enough.  I also have to take charge of how food affects me — whether it’s working for or against my body.  I take pride in being moderately watchful about the quality of the food my family eats.  I seek out organic foods and cook at home whenever possible.  I never buy soda for our refrigerator, keep junk food to a minimum, and I try to help my children develop healthy eating habits with whole foods.

When it comes to my individual diet, I’m learning that I probably don’t eat as well overall as I’d like to think I do.  One trap I fall into is snacking too much late at night while working.  I prepare healthful meals, perhaps overeat, and then allow myself too many little just-this-time ways to cheat throughout the day.  I could honestly use some help with this, and my gym has wisely encouraged me to take my nutrition more seriously.

That’s why when I heard about Weight Loss Program at MinuteClinic, I wanted to learn more about it!

  • A nurse practitioner is available to conduct an initial health assessment and create a customized weight loss program to meet your needs.
  • This medical professional is even available for customized coaching to help keep you on track.
  • The MinuteClinic’s Weight Loss Program is offered in partnership with the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, which was ranked #1 overall by US News & World Report 4 years in a row!
  • The program gives you exclusive online membership to DASH for Health portal, which provides ongoing resources during your weight loss journey.

I have a long way to go toward meeting my personal weight loss goals and am glad to know this MinuteClinic program is an available choice that could help me. Do you have personal goals you are setting for the new year?

It may not be easy, but a weight loss plan seems like a sensible part of a healthy outlook for me in the new year!  How will you #healthyourself?  Wishing you well on your journey.

*Disclosure: I have received promotional consideration from MinuteClinic.

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