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What You Need to Know about Cleaner Energy

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American’s children could be breathing easier if the country gets on a path toward a cleaner energy future.  As we’ve reported previously on the Flour Sack Mama blog, any efforts to cut carbon pollution at power plants could also benefit those in society who are most vulnerable to the air pollution.

Weikert Home Solar Panel

Why does the US need efforts to curb pollution?  Scientists have been studying the effects of carbon levels already being dangerously high in earth’s atmosphere, earth’s oceans becoming increasingly acidic and the potential for more extreme weather events.  Activists and educators with have been telling this story for some time now about life on earth being threatened by extreme climate change.

While older coal-fired power plants have been slowly retrofitted or shut down to curb pollution, natural gas has been touted as the clean alternative.  Yet, study after study uncovers environmental and health concerns about the way this gas is now obtained via hydraulic fracturing or fracking.  We told you recently about the results of air quality studies in multiple states where fracking occurs.  We shared with you the concerns of scientist Sandra Steingraber who is spreading the word about fracking’s health dangers.

Renewable energy like wind and solar holds promise of less environmental impact and more US jobs. Installing solar has finally become a practical choice for homeowners as well as businesses.  Going green has finally become an enticing investment for traditional businesses.

Individually, smart choices on how to light our homes and conserve energy with Energy STAR products have become a representative way to do something about looming energy challenges.

If you are concerned about our children’s health, clean air and a clean energy future, you can join Moms Clean Air Force here to have your voice heard.

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One Response to What You Need to Know about Cleaner Energy

  1. Valerie December 2, 2014 at 2:56 pm #

    Lovely post! This provides so much information and insight on clean energy. Clean energy is not that hard to achieve, and we should all make a conscious effort to strive for clean energy. Thanks so much for sharing!

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