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Saturdays in the Garden: Pumpkin Harvest

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Can pumpkins coexist with tomato plants?  They did in our little organic garden this summer!

pumpkin with tomato leaves

No, we didn’t plan in that way.  It’s just that I frugally reused compost from a section of the bin that contained several of last year’s pumpkin seeds.  Then several pumpkin plants cheerfully made themselves at home along the fence that outlines a particular section of the planting beds.

Pumpkins 2 on fence

There they were, growing medium-sized and turning from green to orange by July.  These were descendants of the sweet sugar pumpkins we’d planted the previous year.

Pumpkin trio

It’s not advisable to grow pumpkins quite so early in the South.  If they’d ripened a couple of months later, I would have had fewer pest problems and rot with a few of them.  Yet, I still salvaged about 80% of these, baked and pureed the food rich in iron and vitamin c, and have a winter’s worth of frozen pumpkin.

Pumpkins Picked

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