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Non-GMO Santa Barbara Bar Breaks Health Food Stereotype

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*The following is a sponsored post for Santa Barbara Bar, a yummy way to bring you more useful information on this blog and at our October 23rd #CleanCouponing Twitter party!

If I only found time to bake more this week, I’d make homemade granola or cookie bars for my kids to have as snacks.  If I’m short on time, I’ll be reading the labels for pre-packaged snacks simple enough I don’t have to worry about artificial colors, preservatives or GMOs.

Luckily, there are more and more thoughtful food choices on the market.  Yet, some of these new foods, created with lots of love and inspiration from someone’s kitchen, don’t pass one simple test:  they’re not appealing to eat.  My kids have been helping me taste test several brands of health-conscious snacks lately.  I can’t repeat the hilarious adjectives they’ve used for a few products that miss entirely on flavor and texture.


It was a nice change to see the kids get excited about the Santa Barbara Bar when our samples came to the house.  We taste tested all three flavors together, and these brutally honest little human beings like them, they really liked them!  My youngest favored the chocolate chips in the Peanut Chocolate Cherry, my oldest was digging Cranberry White Chocolate, and I was delighted that Coconut Almond could taste so decadent!  Their texture is dense, a little chewy, and not crumbly.

As a mom, I suspect that if my kids really like the taste of something it must be packed with sugar.  What a relief to discover only 8 to 9 grams of sugar in these bars, and for my sake, 190 calories or less. Variations of the Santa Barbara Bar are packed instead with superfood ingredients like almonds, cranberries, coconut, chia, pumpkin seeds and dark cherries.  Each bar offers 200 mg of OMEGA 3 and 60 mg of OMEGA 6 fatty acids.  They have 8 grams of protein.  They’re non-GMO, gluten-free  and soy- free.  The Coconut Almond bar can boast absolutely no refined sugars, while the other two only have sugar in a smattering of chocolate chips.

Is this a kids’ snack, a protein bar, a women’s health bar or something else?  That’s the beauty of the SB bar – it’s whatever you need it to be.  I could pack these for my husband’s hiking trip, keep one in the car for my meal replacement on the go, or cut one in half to include in the kids’ lunches.  They aren’t so high in protein that I can’t let the kids eat them, too.  And thank goodness they don’t have the 12 to 23 grams of sugar we’ve spotted in other popular brands of protein bars at the grocery store.

“I want everybody to be able to enjoy the bar, and be able to afford it,” explained creator Peter Gaum of Southern California, transplanted from Southern Germany.  As a young college professor he sold German pretzels and more from a food cart to supplement the family income.  Eventually the Gaum family opened two wholesale bakeries in the Santa Barbara area, always using the best ingredients they could find.

The process of developing the Santa Barbara Bar was what Gaum called a lucky mistake, when he was trying to create a special food for hospitals and it didn’t quite work out.  Gaum shared, “Once I changed the direction into the bars, my number one concern making products was taste and chewing experience, followed by a balanced nutritional profile (good protein and fiber, low sugar, no sugar alcohols, no fillers, only good ingredients, and no soy). Third concern was to produce a bar that is for everybody to enjoy, from little kids to older folks.”

You can find the SB bar in grocery stores, health food stores and even mini marts.  Of course, you can also purchase the bars directly from the company online.  I’m selfishly hoping to find these bars soon in more stores near me in the South.

Finally, you don’t have to be a musclebound athlete to get a lift from this protein bar, you don’t need to be a foodie to enjoy the fine superfood ingredients, and you don’t have to be on a gluten-free diet to appreciate that these are gluten free.  When the Santa Barbara Bar team says it’s time to #RaiseYourBar, it’s my inspiration to provide this wholesome snack for everyone in the family.

My kids, or even my husband for that matter, won’t eat these because they’re good for them.  They’ll eat these because they taste great.  Thanks to Professor Gaum for creating a food that tastes as good as the ingredients sound.  He says, “In the end, it’s all about good taste!”

We’re proud to have Santa Barbara Bar as a sponsor of our October 23rd Strong, not Scared #CleanCouponing Twitter party!  RSVP here (at bottom of Clean Couponing blog post) for this special event featuring the Breast Cancer Fund and Women’s Voices for the Earth.

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