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Join Me on The Housing Hour: Scary Stuff & Solutions

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We’re contributing again to the Protect Your Family series at The Housing Hour.  Join us in East Tennessee on NewsTalk 98.7 for our favorite radio show!

We’ll talk about some scary stuff…and what you can do about it, chatting with hosts Kevin Rhea and Mark Griffith.

Missed it?  You can listen here at The Housing Hour.

As promised, here are links to more information about these topics:

Pesticides on our Food

Here’s that petition asking the President to stop the latest toxic combo of pesticides into our environment.

Here’s where you can have your say about pesticides with the Environmental Working Group.

Toxic Flame Retardants on Sofas & Kids’ Gear

BPA on Cash Register Receipts

Science Behind BPA Health Concerns

Perfume for Kids?

Oct 2014 Housing Hour 1

As consumers, we have many reasons to be concerned about the products we choose, and we try to share as many practical solutions as possible.  Even in a society where too much chronic disease has become the norm, let’s be Strong, not Scared!  That’s the theme of our October 23rd #CleanCouponing Twitter party.  To join in, follow hashtag #CleanCouponing on Twitter and follow us all at @FlourSackMama, @CleanCouponing and panelist @TheHousingHour.  We’ve invited some nonprofit experts in women and family health to answer your questions, plus we’ll be giving away some fun prizes!

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