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Gardeners Call on Big Box Stores to Stop Selling Bee-Killing Pesticides

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Did you realize that without bees we wouldn’t have most of the freshly grown food we enjoy? Everything from field crops like clover and alfalfa to melons, tomatoes, beans, berries and almonds are produced thanks to the hard working efforts of bees.


Unfortunately, well meaning gardeners may have been duped into buying what seem to be bee-favored plants from big box garden/home stores that instead contain bee-killing pesticides!  Friends of the Earth and other environmental watchdog groups are organizing people around the United States to call on stores to stop selling plants laced with the neonicotinoid pesticides that scientists have been warning about.  No, these plants don’t carry a warning label.

Here on the Flour Sack Mama blog we’ve told you about the President’s plan to study this issue. We’ve also introduced you to a leading researcher who’s been sounding the alarm on this problem. But Friends of the Earth and others don’t think the marketplace should wait on government to solve the problem of bees dying off while new pesticides are released into the environment.  Thousands plan on asking Lowe’s stores across the country this week to be sure they’re not selling plants with bee-killing pesticides.

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Here’s where you can go to act now in asking the EPA to ban to the neonicotinoid pesticides that Europe has already restricted until further study.  Here’s a link to the Bee Action toolkit for conversing with your local store managers about this issue.

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Then join everyone on Twitter Wednesday for #EcoWed at 10 pm ET with @YourOrganicLife and @foe_us to chat about saving the bees, our agricultural system and our access to fresh food.

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One Response to Gardeners Call on Big Box Stores to Stop Selling Bee-Killing Pesticides

  1. Lindsay October 28, 2014 at 4:18 pm #

    The thing that gets me is that Europe has the courage to say, wait a minute maybe we shouldn’t use this pesticide, and yet here in the US we won’t take steps to protect our own people. I hate to sound cliche but are profits really more important than people?

    We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’ve seen amazing progress in this field over the past 10 years, I remain hopeful.
    Lindsay recently posted…Simple solutions to reduce food waste in the U.S.My Profile

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