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Welcome to the Flour Sack Mama community!

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Welcome!  Make yourself at home.  Bookmark this place and tell your friends.

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This is a no-judgment zone.  We’re not about perfection or judging one another for different choices. You’re still welcome, even if you’re having a bad hair day like I was on the day we shot this video.

We are about carrying on the best of Grandma’s traditions and improving on what we know better.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself green or not.  It doesn’t matter if you bake homemade bread every week or buy it at the grocery store, if you prefer wheat or gluten-free.

You are always welcome to become a part of the Flour Sack Mama community.

The inspiration comes from a grandmother’s resourcefulness in stitching quilts and clothing from the flour sacks or other grain sacks available in her home.  Look back far enough, and you’ll find grandmas who were frugal and incredibly creative in how much they could do with so little.

Today, we’re striving to carry on the best of what previous generations of women taught us.  At the same time, we’re looking to the newest science and technology information to live the best lives possible.  The latest environmental health and green living information is essential.

Which traditions do you carry on and which can you improve on with new information available today? What feature stories and information do you want to see on this blog and the related Clean Couponing blog?

Please let us know!  This blog is for you in the hopes that at least every once in a while we can share something that touches your life in a meaningful way.  You’ll see a good deal of content here long before it might show up in traditional medial.  New media is like that, more agile and unconstrained by the market forces that drive mainstream media.  Too small to fail might be another way to put it.

And yet…we need your support.  Every time you bookmark this blog to make it part of your daily routine, when you subscribe to our free newsletter, and connect with us on Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you’re showing your support for independent media. Anytime you decide to use our portals for Amazon or other businesses to make a purchase, you’re showing your support. While Anne began blogging purely for fun and out of concern for sharing information, this independent media can only be sustainable with your ongoing support.

If you’re interested in how @AnneBrockMedia can help you with your business needs, whether connecting with the Flour Sack Mama brand or helping boost the way your brand connects via social media, you can contact Anne directly at

Thanks so much for your support and for joining the Flour Sack Mama community!

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