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Strong, not Scared Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Fund

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You know there are so many good causes to support these days, many that mean well when it comes to fighting terrible diseases like cancer.  I wondered what I could do to really make a difference.  This fall, I’ve decided to launch a personal Strong, not Scared fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Fund, and here’s why:

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This Strong, not Scared fun run fundraiser is in memory of my mother, Ruth Ann, who died too young from cancer. While it was not specifically from breast cancer, her death enlightened me to how devastating all sorts of cancer can be to families and communities.

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This fundraiser is also in honor of all those currently fighting cancer.  One survivor in particular that I’d like to honor is my childhood friend Becky, who is fighting breast cancer right now.  Becky and I used to ride the schoolbus together. Through the years, she’s always been the thoughtful friend who remembers to send everyone Christmas cards and stay in touch. Becky has the support of her extended family, wonderful husband, Jeff and two stepsons.  She’s endured a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, then breast cancer, having a double mastectomy and now going through chemotherapy treatments. Even though she doesn’t feel her best, Becky has been talking with women’s groups, supporting various nonprofit efforts against cancer and inspiring everyone else with her strong faith.

Mom’s birthday falls in October, and I think she would agree with me that it’s time to go beyond the pink, get rid of the pinkwashing, and get serious about preventing cancer. The Breast Cancer Fund’s no-nonsense emphasis on science, education and prevention is why I chose it as the nonprofit group to support this fall.

My personal goal is to focus on supporting the Breast Cancer Fund while working on personal fitness — running or walking at least 40 miles by November 1st. With your help, this should help me stay focused on fitness and wellness, and perhaps you’re focused on that too!  My goal is to raise a minimum of $500 by November, and we can donate directly to the Breast Cancer Fund at this link. Can you help?  Maybe you’re running or walking and would like to donate a certain amount per your miles, or you’re welcome to donate a modest amount per mile that I complete.  I’ll report in via the donation page I set up. I’d really appreciate if you could share the link to this post with everyone you know!

I chose the theme Strong, not Scared for this fundraiser because I think we can all take steps to feel empowered in wellness and not intimidated by influences in our environment that might be unhealthy. There’s a misconception that you can either ignore all of the known carcinogens and other toxic influences in this world (ignorance is bliss) or that if you become aware of them, you’re extremely, overly sensitive to those influences.

Neither of those has to be the case. Instead, with the sort of research, advocacy and tools provided by experts at the Breast Cancer Fund, we can become more informed and empowered.  For instance, the Breast Cancer Fund was a founding member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, committed to ridding personal care products of toxic chemicals that could be harming our health.

I hope you’ll join me in contributing toward the good work of cancer prevention done in earnestness at the Breast Cancer Fund. Here’s hoping that the science-based, educational work there can help with prevention of all cancers and with creating a culture of wellness.

Thank you and God bless,


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