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Stonyfield Bloggers #CheatOnGreek with French-Inspired Treat

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*This is a sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield.

I’ve been a committed Stonyfield Greek yogurt eater for some time now, dutifully watching for zero fat, all organic ingredients and five live active cultures that are supposed to be good for me. I’ve been faithful.  Of course, I was shocked and surprised when this delectable NEW temptation showed up on my doorstep.

Like all temptations, it was packaged handsomely.  It even has a deep French accent.

I gave in. C’est bien! Tres bien!  I can’t deny being the latest Stonyfield blogger to #CheatOnGreek!

Cheat on Greek 2

This sleekly packaged French treat has a mysterious air about it.  It looks like yogurt, but it’s not. The milder taste with less bite might appeal to someone who wasn’t a Greek yogurt fan in the first place.  This is Stonyfield’s take on a traditional French fromage blanc, a mild, creamy white cheese that can be combined with fruity and sweet flavors.

The Plain and Simple variety is mild enough to eat as-is, yet it’s delectable with a drizzle of raw honey.

Vive la Vanilla! includes organic vanilla bean specks that make it a dreamy dish on its own or would be heavenly with a mix-in like banana.

The sweet temptations include peach, strawberry, cherry, even blueberry.  Some fruits are blended way in, while you can see the organic blueberries right there in the dish.  Blueberry and strawberry tasted especially scrumptious.

Here are details on all seven Petite Creme varieties.

These #PetiteCreme dishes aren’t as dangerous as they appear: most have just 130 calories and 2 1/2 grams of fat.  I’ll always love Stonyfield Greek yogurt, too.   Maybe it’s okay to snack around? Besides, all the other Stonyfield Bloggers are doing it these days.

Cheat On Greek collage

What about you?  Do you need an escape from the boredom of your organic routine?  Want to #CheatOnGreek and maybe even get rewarded for it?

Get all the juicy details here about Stonyfield’s #CheatOnGreek Instagram contest that could win you your own case of #PetiteCreme or even a $1,000 grand prize gift card!

Mangez bien!

*This is a sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield.

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