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Five Habits for Saving Money on Home Projects

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Watch enough television commercials and you’ll become convinced you can’t live without at least $5,000 worth of new stuff for your home, lawn and garage this fall.  What if you just don’t have the cash to spend?  Here are five habits for saving money on home projects:

Pressure washing dome doghouse on green lawn

  1. Borrow or rent equipment you would not use frequently.  Some gear like pressure washers can be more durable if they’re industrial grade, so find them at a rental business. You’ll save on storage and maintenance of the specialized equipment.
  2. Do seasonal or annual cleaning with gear like pressure washers.  This can help preserve what you already have.  This old doghouse we were ready to throw out reverted back to its original color after a couple of swipes with the pressure washer.  We also had great results with our concrete patio.  Do be cautious about which surfaces are durable enough for cleaning.  Also, be cautious about toxic chemical cleaners.  We used vinegar to augment the powerful spray of water.
  3. Seek out used materials before buying new.  Have you checked out the range of building materials often for sale at a Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill store?  You might save a bundle on anything from brick pavers to cabinets to construction tools.
  4. Repurpose what you have.  Old kitchen cabinets might  be perfect for craft room or garage storage.  Picture frames can almost always be reused somewhere.  Lamps can be transformed with new shades.
  5. Swap plants with friends and neighbors to save money on landscaping.  Anyone with a rather wooded yard will likely have saplings to share.  Anyone with bulb flowers will be dividing and separating them.  Check with the local garden club to see if there’s already a seasonal plant swap.

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