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Green Goes Mainstream Series on Flour Sack Mama Blog

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Anyone else stop to wonder what our great grandparents thought about their efforts at gardening, preserving food, making or repairing their own household items and even sharing with neighbors? Chances are, most of them never used the term “green,” because what we now consider greener living was simply their way of life.

Tomorrow on the Flour Sack Mama blog, we’ll share tips on mainstream ways to go greener at home and school.  This is the latest in our special summer series on the blog called Green Goes Mainstream.

Green Goes Mainstream Flour Sack Mama

The simple act of planting a garden has been the seed to help communities around the United States get back in touch with what our great-grandparents knew:  growing your own food can be an empowering part of a green, healthy existence.

Of course, we spend Saturdays In The Garden here on the blog exploring simple ways to make organic methods work for ordinary folks like us.

Because so many of us are too busy to produce all of our own food, we’re also seeking out wholesome, organic food choices at the store.  In this Green Goes Mainstream article we talk with some leaders in the organic industry about the growing presence of organic, non-GMO food that is trying to meet growing consumer demand.

In a related #GreenGoesMainstream special #CleanCouponing Twitter chat with two respected nonprofits and hundreds of participants, we reached approximately 6 million impressions when discussing organics and food labeling issues.

If you still need more proof that organic is not just a fad, notice the investments that entire hospitals and medical systems are making to bring fresh, organic, non-GMO food to their patients.  This is a fascinating look at the intersection of agriculture, health and medical research.

Of course, many Americans think we could all breathe easier and protect young asthma patients, too if we would #ActOnClimate, and we’ve profiled one group of Southerners speaking out on that.

Yet, as Green Goes Mainstream, it may be a surprising sector of business leaders, even those deeply rooted in the fossil fuel industry, who may hold the most power to move America toward a cleaner, greener energy future.  This feature story defies stereotypes to look honestly at a real world climate solution.

In another original feature story we’ve brought you, we met a soon-to-be retiree who says solar energy is his answer to a more secure future.

As natural resources like clean water become scarcer and global situations turn more precarious, many of us are making greener decisions in our day to day lives, whether or not we ever considered ourselves “green.”  It seems that wherever there’s an eye toward a peaceful, prosperous future, it’s one in which Green Goes Mainstream.

What else would you like to see covered in our Green Goes Mainstream series?  Join us again August 21 for another Twitter chat and connect at if you have story ideas or are interested in sponsorship opportunities.



One Response to Green Goes Mainstream Series on Flour Sack Mama Blog

  1. Lindsay August 4, 2014 at 3:36 pm #

    Love this series Anne and had a great time at your Green Goes Mainstream twitter chat! It’s true green IS mainstream!
    Lindsay recently posted…Non-toxic home improvement (infographic)My Profile

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