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Saturdays in the Garden: Summer Squash & Surprise Pumpkins

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Here in our little organic family garden, we’ve enjoyed a moderately good harvest of yellow summer squash.

For a while, it seemed perhaps the companion garlic was helping stem the tide of squash bugs.  Then, around harvest time it became evident that pests were still going to have their way with some of the plants.  I found a few squash bugs, removing some whose eggs I had missed.  I did not see as many squash bugs as in previous years.

Summer Squash with Bloom

The presence of ants indicates aphids, since the ants protect the aphids from beetles. And we can’t rule out a squash vine borer. The rest of the summer will be a trial and error with more soapy mint spray, diotomaceous earth and sparing use of neem oil spray.  All in all, we’ve still had an abundant harvest of yellow squash, enough to blanch and freeze several portions to use later in the year.

Summer Squash Collage Flour Sack Mama

The extra bright yellowish-orange flowers revealed that our other happy cucurbit in the garden was a holdover sweet pumpkin plant from last year.  The largest of five is starting to ripen.  Saving this plant from pests would be a big win this summer.

Pumpkin Blossoms Flour Sack Mama

Wonder if we could harvest seeds from these and replant in time for fall pumpkins?

Pumpkin in Summer Flour Sack Mama


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