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Saturdays in the Garden: Harvesting & Waiting

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If good things come to those who wait, our family should soon be enjoying our fill of vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes.  They have certainly taken their sweet time getting ready to eat.  Yet, we’re fortunate to have several vines full of the green fruits.

Heirloom Tomatoes Flour Sack Mama

Dill and leaf lettuce are probably worth seeding again with so much summer still ahead of us.

Leaf Letttuce & Dill in July

I was happy to see a plentiful summer squash harvest that brings our summer haul to over 30 pounds of the yellow gold. Apparently my spray of water with a little peppermint-oil castile soap was enough to keep the pests at bay and let the squash plants keep producing.  I had considered neem oil, but didn’t find time to use it yet.  The downside of the neem oil spray is being too strong and burning the squash leaves, which I did in a previous year.

Summer Squash Harvest 2

I told you last week about the disappointing potato harvest.

Red Potatoes Dug Up

It’s been rainy and damp, I’ve been gone for days at a time, and the entire garden needs a thorough pruning.  The lushness looks good, but it invites too mush moisture and leaf fungus.

How is your summer going in the garden?  Post your photos to social media with the hashtag #FlourSackMamaGarden and maybe we’ll feature your garden photo!




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