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Play-In Today for Climate Action

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playin_logo_sm1Moms around the country understand that healthy kids and a healthy climate go together. So, many of us are gathered with our families in Washington, DC today for the Play-In for Climate Action.  The event hosted by Moms Clean Air Force is a powerfully fun way to have a meaningful play date and show our children we care about their future.

Details at this page show how you can get involved and share about the event via social media.

Follow @cleanairmoms and @floursackmama on Twitter for the latest on what’s happening today!

Here’s where you can speak up online for a cleaner energy mix that moves toward cleaner air and less climate change.

Wherever you are, when you have a play date with other parents and realize they care about clean air too, you can share science-based facts from the Moms Clean Air Force website.


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