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Organic Enthusiasts Discuss how #GreenGoesMainstream

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Do you pick organic foods at least some of the time for your shopping cart?  Grow your own heirloom tomatoes or visit the farmer in your hometown who does?  You are undoubtedly part of the movement embracing real, organically grown food without toxic pesticides or suspect additives.

Green Tomatoes Organic FlourSackMama

Concerned about health and your children’s health in particular?  You’re not alone in these choices to make good, organic nutrition a priority.  Our #GreenGoesMainstream themed #CleanCouponing chat last night was an example of the enthusiasm and concern surrounding the 10-12% annual growth of organic food in this country, with mega stores now taking the lead from natural food stores and farmers’ markets.

We’ve had more than 200 participants in this recent #GreenGoesMainstream conversation, creating approximately 6 million impressions on Twitter.

Here are a few highlights:

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