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Little Rock River Market District

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Where can you visit a real submarine, ride a trolley car, catch an outdoor concert and shop the world? In downtown Little Rock’s River Market district!  Take your pick of lunch choices inside the River Market that anchors a busy downtown.  Shop the farmers’ market.  Or explore several shopping and entertainment choices.

River Market Little Rock Flour Sack Mama

Ample parking is available near the River Market that allows you to explore by foot, trolley, boat or submarine.  World War II era USS Razorback is named for a whale, not the hog, but Arkansas has adopted the stationary sub as part of a maritime museum along the Arkansas River.

Little Rock Collage Flour Sack MamaThe pedestrian bridge helps link the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum with the River Market, amphitheater and art destinations on the river’s West side.

Little Rock River Walk Bridge

This warehouse district revitalized in the 90s now includes a large library, art centers and world headquarters for charity Heifer International.  Fair trade shopping downtown includes an eclectic boutique by Ten Thousand Villages.

Ten Thousand Villages Little Rock

On our walk through downtown we couldn’t resist a photo of this adorable market mascot — seems pretty tame for a razorback.

Little Rock Pig

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