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Saturdays in the Garden: Two Easy Organic Vegetable Plants

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Who wants something so effortless to grow that it works for any gardener?  Here are the two plants we suggest that anyone can grow in their own organic garden:  garlic and kale.



Garlic is hardy.  Plant cloves in the fall, cover plants with some mulch, and they grows effortlessly through the winter and spring.

Garlic naturally repels some pests like aphids, so its very presence in the garden can be a benefit, even if you never harvest it.  We’re trying garlic scattered near squash plants to provide them extra protection.

Garlic is versatile and edible.  We use all parts of the plant in the kitchen, from the green leafy portion to the bulb, with only the roots not eaten.  Ideally you remove and cook the garlic scape or flower stalk so the rest of the plant can grow more productively.  We left some scapes intact to watch them grow.


Garlic can be used to create your own pest repellent spray for the backyard.



Kale is hardy.  It wants to self-seed, returning year after year in our garden.

Kale grows well in spring and fall, thriving in cool temperatures, offering something green even when warm weather crops aren’t available.

Kale has more calcium per ounce than cow’s milk.  It’s a nutrient dense green leafy vegetable offering vitamin K, minerals and more.

Kale is versatile for eating raw in salads or smoothies, being dehydrated, being baked or even added to soup.

Kale thrives as long as there’s not too much heat, and only then does it seem to be susceptible to pests.


If you want to start gardening, but you’re not sure you’ll have much time for maintenance, garlic and kale might be two good choices.


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