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Saturdays in the Garden: Reflections & Photos

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We spend most Saturdays in the Garden sharing about organic gardening progress and reviewing growing tips.  This weekend, we’re sharing more photos and taking time to reflect on what gardening means for our souls.

What does gardening mean to you when you step through the garden gate?  For me, it’s a chance to commune with nature, which I consider the ongoing Creation of God.  Even if you don’t share a faith background, maybe the garden offers you a chance to slow down to reflect on life.

purple coneflower and garden fence

Watching a squash plant unfurl before my eyes seems nothing less than wondrous to me.

Squash Leaves Unfurl

I feel a calming physical difference between being indoors and being out among the growing plants.  I can feel my blood pressure drop, and I sense a coolness.

It’s impossible to be among the garden life and not want to be a part of it.  Choosing to garden organically leaves a diversity of insect life throughout the garden, hopefully balanced in a way that wildlife can survive while my vegetables can too.

Cream Butterfly on Lavender Flour Sack Mama

Being out in the garden helps me focus, or clear my mind, whichever I need to do at the time.

Butterfly on Zinnia Flour Sack Mama

The garden reminds me that there’s more than meets the eye to this physical beauty before us. Pink has a purpose.

Zinnia Pinks Flour Sack Mama

I can be as sensible or silly as I want to in the garden.  I ideally should have cut these gorgeous garlic scapes already to promote better bulb growth.  But they’re so pretty that I just wanted to photograph them.

Garlic Scape Floret Flour Sack Mama

In the gardens I plant, nothing is perfect, and everything is wondrous.  I hope you’re enjoying the wonder of gardening, too.  If you post your garden photos on social media with hashtag #FlourSackMamaGarden I’ll reshare as many as I can.

Purple Coneflower Flour Sack Mama

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