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3 Reminders for Enjoying Summer Outdoors in Your Own Backyard

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Remember that term “staycation” that was popularized when fewer people could afford a big summer vacation several years ago? You saw cute ideas for short trips close to home and even suggestions for a “vacation” in the backyard.

Whether or not you take a big summer vacation, here are three reminders that your own backyard can always be a relaxing oasis from what parches you in day to day life.


1.  Invite native plants and the wildlife that needs them.  From butterflies and bees to birds and more, wildlife will be attracted to your yard if you supply native plants that nourish them.  Look for assurances from greenhouses, especially big box stores, that plants have not been pretreated with pesticides that could harm pollinators.

2. Use non-toxic ways to cope with pests.  Clean up standing water that could attract mosquitoes.  Try garlic sprays, citronella and plantings of herbs like lavender to discourage biting bugs.

3. Consider sun and shade.  Your garden might need full sun to flourish.  People don’t.  Remember a non-toxic sunscreen and consider adding a sunshade if you don’t have a covered porch.

Join us every weekend for Saturdays in the garden!

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