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Stonyfield Organic Expands Voluntary Recall of One Yogurt Product

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The Stonyfield company has expanded its voluntary recall of one of its yogurt products.  This recall applies only to Stonyfield’s YoBaby Peach/Pear yogurt cup 6-packs with code date June 05 2014, and now includes those sent to Safeway and Fred Meyers stores in six western states.  These states are Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and California.  Stonyfield asks that if you’ve purchased these yogurt cups with code date June 05 2014, please return them to your local store for a full refund.

Item being Voluntarily Recalled

The recall expansion is related to the company’s original announcement in late April about a voluntary recall of YoBaby Peach/Pear yogurts from several Target and Walmart stores because of the possibility of coliform contamination.  At the time of the original recall, it was thought that some of the product destined for the Safeway and Fred Meyers stores was in quarantine.  When it was discovered that some had indeed been shipped out via a distributor, Stonyfield announced this second stage of its recall.

Stonyfield CEO Esteve Torrens announced in April,  “Stonyfield has not received any complaints of illness or any other concerns from customers or consumers directly related to this product. We chose to call back the product as a precautionary step.”

As noted by Stonyfield and the US Food and Drug Administration, the possible contaminate was the coliform Klebsiella pneumoniae, which can cause gastroenteritis.  Stonyfield management told Flour Sack Mama that a breakdown occurred in the normal process of keeping the filling line sanitized for the YoBaby product, and preventative measures are now back in place.  Because of the potential that even a small amount of product could have been at risk, the voluntary recall was announced.

You can read complete details of the recall at both the Stonyfield site and the FDA website.

While an incident like this certainly give us all pause, it won’t change my family’s normal shopping habits that include Stonyfield Organic products in our shopping cart.  I chose to write this blog post as a public service to Flour Sack Mama readers, and because I have been proud to tell you about Stonyfield products as a #StonyfieldBlogger and #YoGetters blogger.  I have sometimes participated in sponsored posting opportunities, have sometimes received free products and have sometimes written about Stonyfield just because it’s a leader in the growing organic food movement that has taken real/organic food back into the mainstream where it belongs.  This recall seems to illustrate the abundance of caution and care that the company takes every day to go above and beyond what the FDA or even the USDA Organic program requires in quality assurance. 

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