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Why Climate is an Issue Close to any Mom’s Heart

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Unless you happen to be a marine biologist already studying ocean acidification or a firefighter on seasonal duty in the nation’s great forests, climate change might not be on your personal radar.  That’s absolutely understandable.  From your role as a mother, if you’re not also a scientist, you might have not yet been concerned about the big picture of climate change announced in the President’s third climate assessment just out this week.

Yet, climate change, when it comes down to all of the ways it affects our families, is an issue very close to any mom’s heart.


 Why is climate change a mom’s issue?


  • Allergies, asthma & some other health problems are exacerbated by climate change.  From longer growing seasons to air pollution to more risks from mosquitoes and tropical diseases, our children must cope with more threats to their health.
  • Water scarcity and quality issues are real and will increase.  Our children’s needs don’t get more basic than the need for clean drinking water.
  • Access to food becomes a concern as climate change affects the agricultural system, from droughts to floods and the reality that the farther our food travels to our kitchens, the more energy it requires.
  • Extreme weather incidents disrupt communities, from the places we call home to the places where we work or go to school. Stability is important for healthy families.


What can you do about it?

Get informed!  

Check out this comprehensive new US report on climate change to see more details about the science, even a region by region breakdown of how this affects the area where you live.

Speak up!

Whether it’s your local parent-teacher group, your church or your statehouse, question how decisions can help or hurt our need to slow climate change.  You might find a solution that’s not just greener, but less expensive, such as reusing coffee mugs instead of  buying so many disposables.

Join other concerned moms!

Moms Clean Air Force understands that climate change is a health issue affecting our children right now who are the most vulnerable to air pollution.

We brought you an interview with‘s Bill McKibben explaining that climate change is most definitely a family issue that needs our urgent attention.

Start small at home!

Yes, climate change is a big problem that requires big-picture solutions.  But small steps at home can also be empowering.  How about swapping wastefully packaged bottled water for filtered tap water in reusable steel water bottles?  Or growing some food in your own organic garden?  Capturing rainwater from your roof for watering?  Even if you don’t want to give up any of your normal “stuff” you may find there’s often a more eco-friendly alternative version.


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