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10 Ways to Impress Mom with Your Eco-Savvy Ways this Mother’s Day

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10 Ways to Impress Mom with Your Eco-Savvy Ways this Mother’s Day

1. Listen, really listen to find out what interests her.  Is her favorite color violet or that orchid-inspired shade of purple that’s Pantone’s new color of the year?  What hobbies or sports is she into these days?  This may give you insights into the sort of thoughtful gift that would impress her.

2. Buying your mom clothing?  Go for quality with organic cotton or other eco-friendly fabrics like hemp or vintage silk.

3. Does she love perfume? Skip synthetic fragrance, going for natural scents made from essential oils instead.  Synthetic fragrance typically contains harmful phthalates and can irritate fragrance allergies.

4. Dig deeper for gardening inspiration.  Choose native plants for Mom’s flower beds.  Buy her heirloom, non-GMO vegetable seeds, ditch the synthetic fertilizers and toxic, persistent pesticides.

5.  Skip the extra packaging.  Sure, you could spend a pretty penny on gift wrap alone, but that’s not what gift giving is about anyway.  Be creative and put the emphasis on what’s inside.

6.  Buy local.  What artisan find would Mom normally not splurge on for herself.  She’d appreciate it coming from you.

7. Give the gift of time.  Whether you buy pricey concert tickets or plan to attend a free concert at your local university music department, Mom will be impressed that you want to spend the time with her.

8.  Support her focus on fitness.  Does she already have a gym membership but wish she could have personal training sessions?  Pitch in with siblings to make that happen for her.

9. Support an eco-friendly organization in your Mom’s name.  Has she been a long-time member of an environmental or health group? Or purchase some green blocks of power for her home energy usage via the utility company.  She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

10. Cook for her.  Prepare Mom a gourmet meal and absolutely, positively do NOT let her help with the dishes afterward.

Saturdays in the garden with (tiny yellow kale flowers)


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