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Nationwide Interest Grows in Mizzou Fracking Research

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*The following post is brought to you by Toxic Baby.

People from as far and wide as New York to Texas and from Oregon to Tennessee gathered to discuss the health implications of #MizzouFrackingResearch on endocrine disrupting chemicals found in water near hydraulic fracturing sites.  Hosted by @FlourSackMama, we were joined by scientists Susan Nagel, PhD and graduate researcher Christopher Kassotis of the University of Missouri for an hour-long Twitter chat.

Nagel & Kassotis had recent peer-reviewed research featured on the cover of Endocrinology.  In addition to finding EDCs near fracking sites, they separately discovered some of the first documented indications of certain hormone disrupting activity in a dozen fracking chemicals.

The scientists are using crowdfunding to reach the second phase of this research and confirm which chemicals in the water are causing hormone disruption.  Their #MizzouFrackingResearch page is on the science platform called Experiment.


The Twitter chat was the culmination of talk that surpassed 3 million impressions for #MizzouFrackingResearch.  Here’s a look at some of the conversation:









Mom Gina at Mom-Blog was inspired to post this article about the event!

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