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Clean Couponing Gets Frugal with More than Money

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Maybe you’ve heard about extreme couponing, but how about clean couponing?  No long hours clipping and trading here, just an emphasis on being frugal with more than money.

That’s why we’ve started with basics like stretching that chicken and vegetable dinner with a pantry staple.  I love the tips in this article about getting the rice just perfect!

If you cook much, you already know the value of real food that you prepare yourself and how much more economical that can be over pre-packaged, overly processed foods.


Our family was very open about our struggle to meet one spouse’s idea of a frugal budget while meeting nutritional concerns for the children, as well.

We’ve also been talking about getting organized so the pantry has plenty of ingredients available.

The new Clean Couponing website also inspired our monthly #CleanCouponing Twitter parties, which were so popular that April’s time was donated for a #CleanWater Twitter party instead.

Thanks for checking out the new website designed to share ideas and support for being frugal with more than money, and following on Facebook and Twitter.

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One Response to Clean Couponing Gets Frugal with More than Money

  1. Rust April 28, 2014 at 9:14 pm #

    As a lifelong couponer, I too have struggled with keeping my family’s nutritional needs within our budget. i like these ideas.

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