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3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day & Save Energy!

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When it comes to all things green and ecofriendly, we often get bogged down in the bad news, the staggering statistics, the strident directives that make us feel like we must give up something!  It’s the reason some folks don’t want to hear anything at all about going green on Earth Day or any day.


This Earth Day, let’s try letting go of the must-give-up lists and the guilt.  Here are three incredibly easy ways we can actually enjoy celebrating tomorrow’s global day of caring for our collective home.

1. Enjoy the outdoors!

Take your favorite book outside, eat dinner with your family on the porch or make the kids a picnic dinner, which they’ll think is incredibly cool and fun.  Run, bike, walk, whatever you do that gets you and your family outdoors.  While you’re out there, it just happens that you won’t need any lights on inside.

2. Let the outdoors in!

No matter how staggeringly cold or hot it can get where you live, you likely have at least a few days each spring and fall when you can just open the windows and enjoy some fresh air.  Maybe turn the a/c off for at least a while on those days?  Or how about a few early morning hours?  Same with natural light.  As much as your windows allow, pick natural light over artificial.

3. Enjoy a little movie time!

When’s the last time everyone in your house enjoyed a good movie together in the living room?  How about some family friendly online game time?  When you do, go ahead and flip those household lights off and focus on the screentime fun!

Join celebrity guest Meghan Markle, a whole host of popular green bloggers, and @FlourSackMama tomorrow, Tuesday, April 22 for a #LightsofScreenson Twitter party at 10 pm Eastern time, when we’ll be sharing more tips on easy ways to go green.

Did you know that if each of our households in the United States turned off two lights for just an hour each day, we’d save five billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year?  The clever folks at Green is Universal figured out that’s enough coal to fill the Empire State Building nearly three times!

Visit Green is Universal today to pledge how many lights you’ll turn off this week, plus enter to win fun prizes, even an energy-efficient TV!

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Hope you’ll turn off your lights for at least an hour Tuesday when you chat with us on Twitter!  Just follow the #LightsofScreenson hashtag.


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