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Picky Young Eaters? Try This!

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Picky young eaters in your family?  Every family has them, at one time or another.  Chef Miles McMath is a pro at creative ways to inspire kids to eat at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  We asked him to share some simple tips for parents on encouraging good eating habits.

*Get kids involved, from growing food to prepping it in the kitchen.

*Eat real food, including raw fruits and vegetables when possible.

*Use bone broth to enrich foods.

*Make fun foods like pizza or mac and cheese from scratch.

Chef Miles McMath at St. Jude with brussel sprouts from Mississippi

Chef McMath also has a food prep tip for parents.  While it’s great to eat organic, be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables in general, washing the conventional ones to help reduce residues.  He says just a cap full of 3% (household) hydrogen peroxide in a sink full of water can help clean produce and extend its freshness.

Here’s McMath’s famous macaroni and cheese recipe that incorporates veggies!

Here’s his gourmet pizza recipe that’s simple enough for anyone to make!

St. Jude Garden

St. Jude Kitchen


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