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Let’s Grow a Garden!

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Who’s ready to do some gardening this year?  What you are planting?  I just finished ordering several seed packets and perusing the pepper seeds we saved from last year.  I checked the predicted last frost date for my area and gasped that I hadn’t gotten started earlier with my tomato and pepper seeds.

Still, I’m determined and believe it is worth the effort to grow at least some of our family’s own organic produce again this year.

We’ve been fairly successful with starting our tomatoes and pepper from seed, so we’ll try doing that again.  We’ve had mixed results with some other foods like watermelon (that was a tough one last year), but we’ll still be growing with organic methods.  There’s still plenty of time before I’d want to plant other things like lettuce and squash, although I wish I had spinach already in the ground and protected with a cover.


Even if you don’t want to start them from seed, you can probably find organically grown tomato and other plants at your local farmers’ market.

I need to do some serious work on compost bin turning and on soil building in our raised beds.  Because I want to use organic methods, I’ll choose extra compost that has not come from cotton fields, since most cotton is heavily treated with pesticides.  If you want to have some fun at the garden store, ask where their compost and soils comes from and what assurance you can have that they do not contain GMO traces or pesticides.  This is a tough question to answer, but the more of us that ask, the more likely we’ll have more choices that are suitable for organic growing.

At our little home garden, we’re hopeful and excited about what the new growing season will bring!

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  1. Traci March 10, 2014 at 10:44 am #

    You’ve inspired me to start a garden again. (It probably won’t turn out, I’ve got a 10 year track record of it not) but I think this year might be my year. Fingers crossed. If not, I’m only out $100, right? Love how nice your garden is turning out. Great job!
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